Peru: Proud of Our Origins

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We at Inca Pink Peruvian Hair are so proud to bring the real Virgin Remy Peruvian Hair to the beautiful women of the world. There is so much that goes into what makes the hair from this land the finest on the planet.

1.       The land is so clean and pure! The native women who have their hair cut to make the extensions live in the highlands of the Andes Mountains and the Amazon Rainforest. There is no air pollution and the water they drink and in which the hair is washed is freshly melted snow.

2.       There are no chemicals used! The highland people grow their own organic food and make clothes from their own organic wools. There are no chemical perms or dyes to compromise the virgin status of the hair donated for extensions.

3.       The natural plants are valued! The native women of the Andes Mountains have a respect for their natural surroundings. They are taught to use only natural, local oils in their hair and none of them ever own a flat iron or blow dryer.

4.       They won the genetic lottery! The highland people have naturally long, strong and shiny hair. It is easy for many of them to grow their hair to make our 24-inch extensions look just as fresh and healthy as our 14-inch ones.

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