Stylist’s Corner

Just as a bright lipstick allows us to express ourselves, so too does our hair color. Every vibrant stroke of a beautifully done balayage can give life to new expressions of your clients’ personalities.

Balayge is a French word meaning to sweep or paint. It offers a beautiful natural looking highlight pattern that mirrors sun kissed contrast and depth.

This is a great color option for many of your extension clients because it eliminates the need for root touchups and can be refreshed at the 10 week mark right along with their hair extension removal and re-installation.

Each application of the color, not more than 4 shades away from the base color allows you to tailor the look to your clients’ desires. Some will want face-framing glints others will want interesting brightness climbing up the back.

Stylists have had success achieving this look with both painting onto foils and without. Stylists tell us they use foil when the highlight color is farther away from the base color so that they have more precise control. Some stylists use the foil or other film wrap to separate the sections so that the color does not penetrate too deeply.

One stylist told us that she draws the letter “W” with the brush lightly on the surface of each 5-inch wide section of hair. Another stylist told us that she alternates adding strips of color on some sections while skipping the section just above it. As the hair moves, dapples of sunlit caramel peak through the base color for an effect that is just gorgeous.

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