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Introducing Dr. Crystal Porter

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Dr. Crystal Porter, a veteran of the research lab at L’Oréal has made so many groundbreaking discoveries in the field of hair health. Dr. Porter is our resident expert in the field and a monthly contributor to our blog and all our beauty lives!

Dr. Porter’s goal is to empower us to take charge of our hair health. On every topic from receding hair lines to breakage to product misuse and harsh styling methods, Dr. Porter is here to guide us at every turn on the journey to a healthy head.

Our view is that hair extensions can be an addition to a healthy hair routine, not a substitute for it. As long as extensions are used properly, Dr. Porter agrees.

We are truly honored to partner with Dr. Porter and her research team at Mane Insights.

One key aspect of growing a healthy head of hair is choosing products that nourish the roots. Dr. Porter recommends the Monat complete haircare system of products which are designed to nourish the hair at the roots. This leads to stronger and more beautiful hair. Dr. Porter has noticed amazing results over the two years she has been using and recommending Monat.

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To volunteer to take part in her study of hair health, click the link below.


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