The hair company that came into being from the desire to serve women with the best hair extensions on the planet and give the beauty industry a makeover.

We didn’t want business as usual. The industry “experts” told us that Peruvian Hair doesn’t even exist! Then they kept telling us we couldn’t get raw hair from Peru. Then they told us we couldn’t get enough to do wholesale!

We wanted Earth-Friendly packaging. We wanted absolutely Zero dyes and chemical perms. We wanted double-drawn, hand-wefted hair that is thick from weft to tip. We wanted the hair extensions that the industry standard just wasn’t meeting.

We are Inca Pink Peruvian Hair; helping your discerning clientele, one beautiful head at a time!

We know the hair imports industry has so many problems. From added chemicals to nation of origin fraud to idolatry of hair from India. We can’t solve the problems of the entire industry. But what we can do is make a real commitment to our customers and to ourselves to stand on a foundation of solid values and business ethics. Our plan of success is to delight our customers so that they keep coming back and returning and telling their colleagues and their colleagues keep coming back and so on….

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