My business partner, Gaya, and myself, Vibrissa, met a while back and became friends fast. Gaya, a wild-child Peruvian rebel girl, has lived for a long time in America and wanted to go back to live in her hometown of Lima, Peru.

I’m an African-American business nerd/bohemian from Venice Beach, CA who now lives in Dallas, Texas.

We are as the same as we are different. We have really gotten to know each other and knew that our relationship would be fruitful for many years to come.

Our journey into the international hair game started when someone first told me that Peruvian hair didn’t even exist. “Really? How can something like this not exist?!?”

This is when we took a long and hard look at the hair industry over the Summer of 2017 to find out that so much of the hair on the market was Chinese, masquerading as something that it never was nor could ever be. We saw hair from India being sourced from idolatry and paganism, something antithetical to my bible-based values.

Something inside both of us said, “Wait. There has got to be a better way.” We saw women all over the world disappointed in the hair extension options they saw. We saw stylists and salon owners clamoring for more and more clients to make ends meet. We saw a broken industry that wasn’t serving the beautiful women and business owners that deserved its best.

We also knew we could find that other way. We knew that where inferior businesses were telling customers that Peruvian Hair didn’t exist, that we would be the ones to bring it to the world. Where inferior businesses would add chemicals to hair to mask the quality, we would be the ones to leave it as virgin and remy as it came from the right donor’s head. Where inferior business were having salons shell out huge sums for extensions, we would offer wholesale direct from Peru.

We wanted to disrupt a broken industry and take the lead by running our own race. We follow our values and answers to questions come so easily to us. We build our business on a foundation of regard for our customers and foster long-term relationships. We make women fall in love with the way they look and feel all around the world.

From wefted bundles to micro-links to clip-ins and loose bulk hair, we aim to change this industry one luscious and flowing head at a time!


Sincerely Yours,

V + G

Partners of Inca Pink Peruvian Hair




Hi! I’m Gaya, Product Partner for Inca Pink Peruvian Hair. I was born in Chancay, Peru, a little fishing village on the Pacific shore. I moved to the bustling capital of Lima as a kid.

I love the hair industry mainly because it is always changing, developing, and progressing. The nature of the industry allows us to learn and grow with it. Working with Inca Pink lets me impact the beauty industry while at the same time exporting my culture as a Peruvian to the world with our company's products.